Hereby we wish to introduce our company as well as brand LUMIERA based in Trenčín, Slovakia as the reliable supplier of lighting fixtures/lighting technology and cables in variety types not only in Slovakia. The team of specialists is ready to realize any client's need and requirement.

We have got the storehouse and production area in Púchov, Slovakia. On one hand, you can benefit with our long-term relationships with our suppliers with whom we cooperate in research and development R&D, projection and design of lightings. On the other hand, we have available partnerships with high – credit builders, architects, area lighting designers who guarantee that every individual client would have constructed any lighting or illumination project according to specific client's needs and requirements.

Please use the following link to have an access to our company's references.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and do not hesitate to contact us should you require additional information.
We remain at your disposal and hope for prosperous cooperation.


According to the trends and market requirements is also the company LUMIERA getting better, what confirms division New Technologies. The only specialization of this new division is on LED technology such as LED drivers, LED PCB panels and CBS systems. High quality, modern design, competitive prices are the characteristics that our products make successful in 54 countries worldwide.