Pole top or side entry luminaires
BODY: die-cast aluminum
DIFFUSER: PC, PMMA or hardened glass
REFLEKTOR: polished and galvanically protected aluminum
LIGHT SOURCE: discharge lamps
POWER SUPPLY: inductive ballasts with power compensation, electronic ballasts for Cosmopolis light sources
USE: lighting for open outdoor areas: main roads, streets, squares, parking lots, industrial yards and railroads
OTHER: air filter to eliminate moisture being drawn into the luminaire while cooling; a steel wire protecting the geartray
3052000 BOYM4.100 HST 100 W + HIT-CRI 100 W E40 + E40 230V  AC 9.30
3052100 BOYM4.150 HST 150 W + HIT-CRI 150 W E40 + E40 230V  AC 9.40
3052200 BOYM4.250 HST 250 W E40 230V  AC 9.60
3053030 BOYM4.S.100 HST 100 W E40 230V  AC 10.50
3053130 BOYM4.S.150 HST 150 W + HIT-CRI 150 W E40 + E40 230V  AC 10.60
3053230 BOYM4.S.250 HST 250 W E40 230V  AC 10.80